M. Parent

A film by Nicolas Maurice

M.Parent is a short documentary-essay, based on family pictures and writings. Directed and written by Nicolas Maurice, produced by STORY in Stockholm, Sweden, released in 2017.

“To me, M. Parent is an absence. An absence without loss, without lack, without mourn. He was the witness of all these things, happy and tragic, and which traces resurfaced in my attic. A work without an audience, just scars. An exile in the world.”


Directed by
Nicolas Maurice

Still images and archive movies
Pierre Parent

Nicolas Maurice
Michel Wenzer

Music and sound design
Michel Wenzer

Janne Alvermark

Soundmix Studio

Produced by
Malin Hüber

Executive Producer
Tobias Janson

Production company

With the support from Svenska Filminstitutet and Andreas Fock

Special thanks to Mia Engberg and Mikael Brodin