Alfons Åberg

I had the chance to work with Tomas Alfredson on an adaptation of Gunilla Bergström’s Alfons Åberg which resulted in the release of 10 episodes in 2022.

My work started in 2017 with the creation of a pilot, our main goal being to stay as true to Gunilla Bergström’s original illustrations as possible, while enhancing the book experience with movement and the narration of Jonas Karlsson.

Our first concept revolving around the idea of the pop-up book and paper mechanism, later evolved into a deeper, miniature theater setting, using forced perspective, 3-dimensional elements and open background.

Each set design was discussed to retain the feel of the original illustration while adding depth, perspective and camera movement. A wide range of material and techniques was used, laser cutting for the characters, paper engineering, 3D modeling and printing, wooden model making, styrene scratch-building, sourcing miniature material, objects and textures, …

I conceived and built the sets for 5 of the 10 episodes (“Aja baja Alfons Åberg”, “Gonatt Alfons Åberg”, “Vad sa pappa Åberg?”, “Vem spökar, Alfons Åberg” and “Kalas, Alfons Åberg!”) which premiered at Folketsbio in the beginning of 2022 and are available on Viaplay and Cmore.