Karma och Jonar

Through 2022, I worked with Viaplay Studios Animation as a 3D animator on the adpatation of Zelda Falköga’s books “Karma och Jonar”.

We worked on a base of motion capture shot in-house, in Maya, cleaning data, improving or correcting movement, adding props interactions and hand/finger movements. Then facial animation and lipsync from scratch, under the direction of lead animator Stina Wahlberg, later Daniel Sapa and director Alexander Gustafsson.

By working on-site through the production, I had the opportunity to help supervise junior animators, assist with lead animation when needed and participate in production meetings as well as departments coordination.

I acted as animation supervisor on motion-capture shoots, for which I built an array of proportinally accurate props following the environment department’s designs.

This project allowed me to hone my mocap animation skills and to enjoy a great team.

Some of the props built for the shoot