A city built from memory

or a map of the world of people like me, proletarian gay weirdo
in the making and a new map for the others

Please visit www.amapoftheworld.xyz for the full interactive experience and read more about the process.

Find more details about the eponymous book here.

“A city built from memory” is a project developed by Nicolas Maurice as part of a Master degree in Visual Communication at Konstfack, Univeristy of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm, 2016.

It is a reflection on memory, virtuality, relationality and the construction of identity. It is the building of a three dimensional map of the neighborhood I grew up in, as I remember it. Departing from my writing practice, I place memories in space and let them shape its structure. It is also an experiment in using computer graphics tools and 3D software as a raw material, entering a dialogue with its digital nature, constraints, limitations and possibilities.

The result of this process is a virtual space the spectator is invited to explore through an installation. As one walks in the digital streets, the personal stories of the author unfold within short texts and the structure of the world itself. A book gathering writings and images accompanies the piece, materializing one possible exploration and inviting the reader to make their own.